90-Day Same as Cash Discount

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  • Free Electronics

    Similar to major credit cards, you can earn and redeem points for all kinds of cool electronics and much more.
  • 0% APR

    There is no interest on purchases of name brand computers, tablets, TV's, electronics, home goods, fine jewelry, fashion accessories and much more.
  • No Credit Check!

    We won't check your credit or verify employment.
  • Reports to a Major Credit Bureau!

    Some customers have told us their credit scores have gone up while having an Account with Tronix Country. We report your payment history.
  • Credit Line Increases up to $3,500

    In today's economy, knowing that you have a company that will provide you with the extra credit you might need for a purchase can make all of the difference.

    *According to Terms & Conditions
    **According to Reward Point Terms
1 Advertised Price Per Month: The advertised payment is the estimated payment required to be made on your Tronixcountry Account for a single item order. If you have multiple items then the advertised payment may not apply and your minimum payment may amortize over 36 months, but not be less than $9.99.

2 90 Day Same as Cash: The advertised 90-Day Same as Cash discounted price is the price you pay if you pay off the balance of the item purchased within 90 days from the shipping date and you abide by the Account Terms & Conditions. This is a discount applied to the purchased item for paying the balance within 90 days. All payments received are applied first to older purchases and then newer items added to your account. If you do not pay off your purchase balance within 90 days, you simply continue making payments until your balance is paid in full on the retail price of the item.